GTC (General Terms and Conditions)




effective as of 20 November 2017


1./ The Webshop

These General Terms and Conditions (‘GTC’) govern the cases when the customer (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Customer’) registers in the webshop located at (the ‘Webshop’) or makes any orders there.

The information of the webshop operator (hereinafter referred to as ‘Volt Bolt’):


Company Name: VOLT Bolt Kft.

Registered Seat: H-1025 Budapest, Ruthén utca 8/b.

Company Registration Number: 01-09-174262

Court of Registration: Company Registry Court of Budapest-Capital Regional Court

Statistical Code:

Tax Identification Number: 24381596-2-41

Bank Account Number: OTP Bank 11703006-20469137


2./ Registration

Volt Bolt will only accept orders through the Webshop from registered customers, and in order to register the Customer must provide all the information requested by Volt Bolt. Volt Bolt cannot be held liable for any problem, delay or error resulting from erroneous and/or inaccurately provided information by Customer during the registration or ordering process. Registration can be initiated during the ordering process or prior to the purchase by selecting the ‘Registration’ menu item and filling in the form. By registering, the Customer accepts the contents of the General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as ‘GTC’) and consents to the data processing described in detail therein.

Registration in the Volt Bolt Webshop is only open for people above the age of 16, and by registering the Customer states that he/she has reached the age of 16.


3./ Repurchasing, Right of Withdrawal

Should the product shipped by the Volt Bolt be not to the liking of the Customer, or should the Customer decide so for any other reasons, pursuant to Gov. Decree No. 45/2014 (II. 26.) the Customer is entitled to withdraw from his/her intent to purchase without any reasoning within 14 (fourteen) days from the receipt of the product. The deadline for withdrawal shall be after the 14th day reckoned from the date when the Customer or a third party nominated by the Customer, and being different from the supplier, receives the product. If the Customer would like to exercise his/her right of withdrawal, he/she is obliged to send his/her statement clearly stating the intention of withdrawal to Volt Bolt, in an email message to the address or sent by mail to the address at Budapest, Pf. 694/245, 1399. The Customer may also exercise his/her right of withdrawal during the period between ordering and receiving the product. The sample statement of withdrawal has been provided as an annex to this GTC.

The right of withdrawal may only be exercised by Customers who qualify as consumers, i.e. natural people who are acting outside of the scope of their profession, self-employment or business activities. Business entities are not entitled to the right of withdrawal in accordance with the applicable regulations.

If the Customer withdraws from his/her intent to purchase (from the contract), Volt Bolt must reimburse the Customer within 14 days from the receipt of the withdrawal notice by the Customer, all considerations having been made by the Customer, including the shipping costs (with the exception of any surplus costs that resulted from the fact that the Customer chose a different shipping method instead of the least expensive, usual shipping method offered by Volt Bolt).

Volt Bolt would like to draw your attention to the fact that if the product has been purchased by the Customer using a voucher, not with cash, then in the case of exercising the right of withdrawal Volt Bolt will not make a payment, rather the counter value of the purchase will be reimbursed in the form of a voucher.

The direct costs associated with returning the product will be borne by the Customer. In the case of an order to be settled with cash on delivery, Volt Bolt will send back the amount by mail – to the name and address of the Customer as indicated in the order – and in the case of bank card payment to the bank account from which the payment for the product was made. In the case of money transfer in advance, Volt Bolt may only reimburse the amount to the bank account from which the Customer made a payment in the Webshop for the first time.

The Customer is obliged to send back or hand over the product to Volt Bolt without undue delay, but latest within 14 days from the date of reporting his/her withdrawal notice. This deadline should be considered as met if the Customer mails the product before the end of the 14-day deadline. The Customer is obliged to send back the goods as a domestic parcel, at his/her own expense, to the following address: Budapest, Pf. 694/245, 1399.

The goods that are returned cannot be damaged or used, excepting the extent of usage necessary to establish the nature, characteristics, and operation of the product (for example: trying it on, looking the product over). The Customer will be liable for any depreciation, damage or cost resulting from use exceeding this extent, i.e. if the returned goods are damaged or show signs of use that exceeds the generally accepted extent. In such cases Volt Bolt may pass the depreciation, damage or costs resulting from damaging or using the goods on to the Customer, and this amount can be deducted from the amount to be reimbursed to the Customer.


4./ Ordering

The Customer can submit an order by putting the product to be purchased into the cart after signing in or registering, then selecting the payment method and clicking the ‘submit order’ button. By clicking on the ‘submit order’ button, the Customer accepts that he/she has a payment obligation towards Volt Bolt. During the ordering process, the Customer can modify the information related to the order at any time, for example by adjusting the quantity of the products in the cart, adding or deleting products. Due to technical reasons it is not possible to modify the shipping address provided during the registration.

Subsequent to submitting the order, without undue delay, but at the latest within 48 hours, Volt Bolt will confirm the receipt of the Customer’s contractual legal statement with an automatic email message generated by the Webshop. This confirmation email only acknowledges the receipt and successful registration of the order by Volt Bolt. Despite the confirmation of the order, Volt Bolt may only be able to ship the ordered product later or may not be able to ship it at all due to a shortage of inventory or for other reasons. Volt Bolt will not assume responsibility for any damages whatsoever due to the delayed or failed shipment. The main characteristics and prices of the products are included on the product data sheets.

The prices indicated in the Webshop are in Hungarian forints or in Euros, and include the value added tax. Volt Bolt reserves the right to change the prices; however, this is not applicable for orders that are already confirmed, for which the price fixed in the confirmation shall be valid.


5./ Shipping Information

Volt Bolt sends the Customer the products ordered in the Webshop via mail. Upon receipt of the parcel, please check the integrity of packaging. Do not accept a damaged package from the courier, or insist that the damage be officially logged. If the package is damaged and there is no accompanying record of the damages, do not accept the package. If there are items missing from the package, send the log to Volt Bolt’s address and Volt Bolt will replace the missing items. For the purposes of enforcing complaints, please keep the document verifying the payment made for the parcel. Delivery deadline. Shipping deadline: 5-15 days; in the case of high demand, there may be a shortage in certain items and as a result the Volt Bolt may only be able to send the items ordered in several separate packages. We will provide you with information regarding the shipment of the missing items on the invoice included in the package, or in a letter. Shipping is free of charge in the case of orders above HUF 10,000. The shipping fee if the value of the order is below HUF 10,000: HUF 990.


6./ Payment Information, Options

The Webshop only offers the option of bank card payments. The Customers can pay with Visa or Mastercard bank cards in the Webshop. During this process the Customer is redirected from the check-out to the site performing the processing of the financial operation, where the payment is made, during which the company issuing the bank card, the card number and the date of expiry, and also the security code of the bank card must be given. The security code is a 3-digit number located on the back of the card and ensures secure internet payment. The most up-to-date coding techniques, such as the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and 3D-Secure procedures, ensure the utmost security for online payments. Volt Bolt will only debit the Customer’s bank card with the amount to be paid upon the delivery of the goods; however, this amount will become locked at the moment of placing the order.




7./ Warranty, Guarantee

In the case of a defective fulfilment by Volt Bolt, the Customer may claim liability for material defects directly towards Volt Bolt, in accordance with the regulations set forth by the Civil Code. Within the scope of claiming liability for material defects the Customer may request a repair or replacement, except when the option selected by the Customer is impossible to perform or it would cause disproportionately high costs for Volt Bolt compared to other claims. If the Customer has not requested or could not request a repair or replacement, he/she can claim a proportionate reduction in the consideration, or the Customer can repair or have the defect repaired at the cost of the Volt Bolt, or – as a final resort – can withdraw from the contract. The Customer may change the chosen option for liability for material defects to another one, however, the cost of changing will be borne by the Customer, except if such a step was justified or Volt Bolt gave rise to it. The Customer is obliged to notify Volt Bolt about the error without undue delay after its discovery, but at the latest two months from the time of its discovery. At the same time, the Customer cannot exercise his/her right to claim liability for material defects after the end of the two-year limitation period. The exercise of the right to claim liability for material defects within a six-month period reckoned from the time of fulfilment has no other condition than notifying Volt Bolt about the defect, if the Customer can verify his/her purchase of the product from Volt Bolt by presenting the invoice. However, after six months have passed from the time of fulfilment, the Customer is obliged to prove that the defect that the Customer discovered had been present at the time the fulfilment.

In the case of a defect in a product (moveable property) the Customer may exercise his/her right to claim liability for material defects as mentioned in the former paragraph, or he/she may claim the fulfilment of the product warranty. As a claim for the fulfilment of the product warranty, the Customer may only claim the repair or the replacement of the defective product. The product will be considered as defective if it does not meet the quality requirements which were applicable at the time of its placement on the market, or if it does not possess the characteristics included in the description provided by the manufacturer. The Customer may claim the fulfilment of the product warranty within two years from the time the product was placed on the market by the manufacturer. After this deadline the Customer will lose this right. The Customer may only lodge a claim for product warranty against the manufacturer or the distributor of the moveable property. In the case of a claim for the product warranty, the product’s defect must be proven by the Customer. Volt Bolt may only be exempted from its product warranty obligation if it can prove that it has not manufactured or marketed the product within the framework of its business activities, or if at the time of placement of the product on the market the defect could not be discovered based on the then-current state of science and technology, or the defect of the product is a result of the application of a legal regulation or compulsory regulatory rule.

The Customer may not lodge both a claim for liability for material defects and a product warranty claim at the same time, parallel to one another, for the same defect. However, in the case of a successful claim for the fulfilment of the product warranty, the Customer may claim liability for material defects from the manufacturer for the repaired part.

Pursuant to Gov. Decree No. 151/2003 (IX.22.) Volt Bolt is obliged to offer a guarantee for the new consumer durable goods listed in Annex 1 of the regulation. The Customer may exercise his/her rights resulting from the guarantee within a period of one year from the receipt of the consumer product. Volt Bolt will only be released from its liability undertaken in the guarantee if it proves that the defect arose after the fulfilment of the contract. The guarantee claim will be validated with the guarantee voucher and the invoice included in the package. The detailed guarantee information can be found in the guarantee voucher of the given product. With regard to other matters, the regulations on the exercise of a claim for liability for material damages will be applied mutatis mutandis. In the case of a replacement claim due to a defect submitted within three working days from the purchase, Volt Bolt will replace the consumer durable goods.

The Customer cannot lodge both a claim for liability for material defects and a guarantee claim at the same time, parallel to one another, for the same defect, otherwise the Customer possesses the rights resulting from the guarantee, regardless of the rights determined under the sections Liability for Material Defects and Product Warranty.

In connection with the warranty or guarantee claims made to Volt Bolt – pursuant to Decree No. 19/2014 (IV.19.) of the Minister for National Economy – Volt Bolt will prepare a log in which it states the following: a) the name, address and statement of the consumer about the fact that he/she consents to the processing of his/her data recorded in the log as set forth in the decree, b) the denomination and purchase price of the moveable property having been sold within the framework of the contract between the consumer and the enterprise, c) the date of fulfilment of the contract by the enterprise, d) the date of the notification of the defect, e) the description of the defect, f) the right the consumer wishes to enforce based on his/her warranty or guarantee right, and g) the method for settling the warranty or guarantee claim, and the reason for rejecting the right the consumer wished to be enforced based on that.

Regarding complaints, warranty or guarantee claims, Volt Bolt’s customer service is at the Customer’s disposal through the following contact information: [postal address, telephone, email]. The Customer may submit his/her claim using one of the above contact methods, and Volt Bolt shall consider it at its earliest opportunity. Should the Customer experience the infringement of his/her rights, he/she will be entitled to lodge a complaint at the competent district office, acting as a consumer protection authority, based on his/her residence, or to the conciliation panel operating at the competent professional chamber based on the seat of the service provider.


Contacts of the Budapest Conciliation Panel:

Address: H-1016 Budapest, Krisztina krt. 99. III. em. 310.

Postal address: H-1253 Budapest, Pf.: 10.


Central telephone number: +36 1 488 2186

Fax: +36 1 488 2131


8./ Miscellaneous Provisions

Volt Bolt will only perform orders for household quantities.

All content displayed in the Webshop (product descriptions, texts, images, graphics, etc.) must be considered intellectual property, thus they are protected by copyright, the owner of which is Volt Bolt. Unauthorised copying, reproduction or other use of any content will be an infringement of the copyright, and is therefore prohibited.

Volt Bolt excluded any and all liability for any behaviour whatsoever presented by the users of the Webshop, or for any damages which happened during the use of the Webshop. The users of the Webshop shall assume full and exclusive liability for their own behaviour.

Volt Bolt reserves the right to unilaterally amend this GTC document at any time. Invalidity of certain provisions of the GTC shall not prejudice the validity of other provisions of the GTC not concerned by the reason for invalidity in question. With regard to matters not regulated in this GTC, the provisions of Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code, Act CVIII of 2011 on certain issues of electronic commerce services and information society services, and Gov. Decree No. 45/2014 (II.26.) on the detailed rules of contracts between consumers and enterprises will govern.

The contract shall be deemed as an electronically concluded contract, it will be filed electronically and will be accessible later. All contracts between Volt Bolt and the Customer will be in the Hungarian language.


By placing the order, the Customer accepts that his/her following personal information, stored by Volt Bolt Kft. in the user database of the site FESTIVALSTORE.HU, will be transferred to OTP Mobil Kft. (H-1093 Budapest, Közraktár u. 30-32.), acting as the Data Controller. The scope of the transferred data: user ID, surname, first name, country, telephone number, email address.
The objective of the data transfer: customer service assistance for the users, confirmation of transactions and fraud-monitoring performed to protect the users.