Shipping and Payment


Our packages are delivered by Magyar Posta Zrt. (‘Hungarian Post Ltd.’) within the territory of Hungary.

The post office will attempt to deliver the item to the given address on one occasion. If the delivery is unsuccessful, the package can be picked up within 5 working days at the post office indicated on the notice left at the time of the delivery attempt.

In the case of shipping abroad, GLS General Logistics Systems Hungary Csomag-Logisztikai Kft. (‘GLS General Logistics Systems Hungary Package Logistics Ltd.’) will deliver the package.
Depending on the target country, GLS will inform the recipient at the time of dispatch and offers several delivery options. As soon as the ordered product is ready for shipping, the recipient will receive an email notification about the expected time of delivery, thereby giving the recipient time to prepare to receive the package. The recipient will also have the option to modify the delivery terms online through the provided link.

You might want to have the package shipped to a location where there is someone there throughout the day (concierge service, workplace reception, etc.) who can accept the package.




The OTP Mobil Kft. (‘OTP Mobile Ltd.’) has a widespread service portfolio in the area of online and mobile shopping. Its products are offered on the market under the Simple brand name, which consists of two main services at present.

SimplePay online payment solutions

The secure and simple service offered by SimplePay is available as a bank card payment option in the webshops of more and more online merchants. Just as with making other online purchases, customers can pay for products or services online through the SimplePay interface.

The payment process is the same as that of banks offering similar services: when making an online payment the customer selects the SimplePay option, then provides the bank card information in order to obtain the products or services. Bearing in mind the security of the card-owning user, SimplePay continuously monitors transactions, thus guaranteeing a secure online payment process.

Simple mobile application

The Simple mobile application, which was developed in Hungary, can be downloaded to smartphones and it combines mobile shopping with numerous services which makes life easier: parking tickets, toll vignettes, cinema tickets, books, food, concert tickets and theatre tickets can also all be purchased within a single mobile telephone application.

It can be downloaded free of charge and can be installed on smartphones and tablets operating on Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms. When mobile shopping, MasterCard, Maestro, VISA and AMEX cards issued by any bank can be used to pay for services. The bank card information can be saved to ensure quick purchases in the future.

For further information, please visit the SIMPLE APPLICATION homepage.

Customer service: +36 1 366 6611,

The two services offered by Simple function independently from each other. Below you will find information about SimplePay Online Payment Solutions and about the online shopping process.



  1.      By clicking on the ‘Payment’ button, you will be transferred to the SimplePay payment page where you can begin the transaction by providing your bank card information.
  2.      After providing the card data, please check that the information is accurate.
  3.      The processing systems of the bank will start to process the transaction.
  4.      You will also be notified about the result of the payment via email, and you will be redirected to the website of the service provider.



Attention: In the case of Maestro and Visa Electron cards, the issuing bank determines the use of the card for internet purchases. Our system can accept these cards so long as the issuing bank authorised their acceptance.



After providing the requested information for the online payment process you will be directed to SimplePay’s secure payment page where the card information necessary for the payment must be entered. The merchant will not be informed about the data content of the SimplePay payment page, since it is an independent and protected internet site.



Payment with bank card

Internet payments – just as with payments made through traditional POS terminals – are free of charge for card owners.

Now you can also use Maestro bank cards for online payments. For more details, please contact your issuing bank.

Card companies protect the interests of card owners, therefore if you make a purchase using your card and the merchant does not fulfil the order, you can submit a claim at the issuing bank within the framework of lodging a complaint, if the complaint is legitimate you will receive your money back.

The 3-digit security code – also known as CVC2 or CVV2 – located in the signature panel of the card is used to identify card owners (the 3-digit security code can be found after the card number, or its last four digits). Please use this code with the same level of care as your PIN code.

Some good advice concerning security

Security can be improved by requesting SMS verification services from your bank, which ensures you are informed immediately about any changes to your account.

Never provide your four-digit PIN code which you use for withdrawing money or making purchases when you are making an online payment, and never make your card number and card expiration date available to unauthorised people.

When the purchase and/or payment is complete, sign out of the website. This is especially important when using a computer other people also use. In order to protect your data, we recommend making purchases from your own computer and avoiding public internet cafés and hotspots.

Be very cautious during data reconciliation via email, it is more and more common in Western Europe and in the United States that unauthorised people try to obtain data from you via email.

If you are asked to update your information – even if the request is coming from a merchant from whom you have previously made purchases – be cautious, seeing as these could be unauthorised people acting in the name of the merchant. In such cases please contact the merchant as you have before to verify the identity of the sender.

Furthermore, if you receive a communication about an overly favourable offer, a prize competition or the cancellation of products you have never ordered, treat it with suspicion.

Card companies never contact card owners directly via email or telephone. Should you receive an email or phone call in the name of a card company informing you that unauthorised people have obtained your bank card information, please do not disclose your data to the person, and promptly inform your card issuer about this event.

Online shopping

One of the advantages of online shopping is that you can easily compare the prices of similar products, making it quick and simple to select the most favourable offer.

Before placing an order – especially if it is the first time ordering from this merchant – check the webshop’s information (how long it has been operating, how reliable the firm is considered to be, whether compulsory contact information, such as an address and a telephone number, are provided as demanded by law).

Internet companies incorporate numerous security functions into their webshops to protect their customers. The security logos found on the websites of large card companies (e.g. MasterCard SecureCode) or other encryptions, e.g. SSL codes, all indicate that the online merchant has made the necessary steps to ensure secure internet shopping.

Encryption of the communication is indicated by the lock icon in the ‘https’ part of the URL address and the bottom right corner of the page, or by the key icon in the page’s bottom left corner, and clicking on these icons will display the security certificates.

Save or print each order, its payment confirmation, the information provided for the payment and the product description of the ordered goods upon every purchase.

Reading the terms and conditions of the webshop is recommended when ordering, because should there be quality problems with the ordered product or service, it is useful to know how much time is available for you to lodge a complaint, what the conditions are for cancelling the order and/or how you can get your money back.